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At San Martin Tire we don’t just offer tires, we offer you some of the best customer service and technicians our area has to offer.

Read some of our testmonials from our very satisfied customers.

Art P. of Morgan Hill, CA.

Very fast honest and fair. The place looks older but they have good equipment. and know what they’re doing. Very happy.

Sean W. of Morgan Hill, CA.

Got both of my tires changed their good deals fast workers goodyear way over charged me San Martin tire is the best

C.P. Of MOrgan Hill Ca.

They are excellent for tires.  You can be in and out in an hour if they have the tires in stock.  If not, he will get you a price right there and they are available the next day.

If you go to ask questions, don’t pull right in front – they guys jack your car up almost before you are even out of it.  They are that fast.

Only reason I am not rating a 5 is because the lack of other services – could not do allignment on my truck and such.  For tires – they are definitely a 5.

Alex C. of Gilroy, CA

These guys are awesome and full of win. Let me tell you how much: You pull in and 4 guys run out with jacks and jack your car in the air really quick! Now, that is awesome. No hoity-toity hydraulic lifts here! I was in for an alignment because the car (not mine!) had a funny wobble around 70. The guy sticks his head in there and tells me “Your tire is fuct up!” lol. It sure was! Both of the rears, in fact, belts showing! I call the owner of the car and tell him he’s buying a pair of tires, and they had ‘em on there, new ones always go on the front when replacing rears, the tires on the front went on the rear, new ones on the front, does that make sense? Anyway, had ‘em on there quicker than I could finish a YooHoo at Rocca’s which is good because they don’t sell YooHoo any more. I took the car up to 90 on 101  to check for wobbles and it was smooth as glass.

I think a rotation alone would have cost me $15 or $20, who cares? Come on it’s a local shop. Who cares about 5 bucks? Sure you get to buy 2 less YooHoos in this life, but no one knows what that chocolate-effect stuff is made of anyway, and to help you keep your resolve, Rocca’s doesn’t sell YooHoo any more. (Frankly I’m not sure anyone sells YooHoo any more.)

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